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Wholesale Investors

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Why invest with us?

Australian Activist

Activism is not something we sometimes do, it is at the core of our investment strategy. We do not leave success to chance.


We have unrivalled experience having conducted more than 40 activist campaigns in Australia.

Track record

We have a long-term track record of outperforming the ASX 200 and ASX Small Ordinaries Index.

Patient engagement

We patiently pursue our activist strategy to completion. Our average holding period is five years and we often remain an engaged investor after our activist strategy has been executed.

Aligned management team

Our firm and management team’s own wealth is heavily invested in funds managed by Sandon Capital. We are firmly and deeply aligned to our investors’ interests.

Meet the founder

Gabriel Radzyminski, the Founder, Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer of Sandon Capital, shares the firm’s approach to discovering and generating value to deliver returns.

We actively engage

We buy shares in undervalued and underperforming companies in which we see potential for change. We then seek to actively engage with their boards on operational and strategic initiatives that we believe will generate value and, ultimately, deliver higher returns to shareholders.

If we experience inertia, we collaborate with other shareholders to influence those boards to take action.

Delivering strong investor returns

Sandon Capital is a specialised investment firm focussed first and foremost on finding undervalued companies.

What sets us apart from other investment firms is our dedication to pursuing an activist strategy. We believe shareholders, as fractional owners, should be actively engaged owners. We consistently engage with boards and other shareholders on strategies to tap into and realise value for the benefit of shareholders.

While commonplace in the United States, Europe and the UK, shareholder activism with boards has only recently gained broader momentum in Australia – despite Australia having one of the most conducive legal and regulatory frameworks for activism in the world.

With a long track record of successful campaigns and strong investor returns, Sandon Capital is one of the most respected and followed “activist” investors in the country.

How to invest

We offer investors the opportunity to invest in the Sandon Capital investment strategy of activist value investing via two different funds. Each fund caters for a particular investor type.

Sandon Capital
Activist Fund (SCAF)

Sandon Capital Activist Fund is an unlisted unit trust for wholesale investors (as defined by the Corporations Act 2001 Cth).

Sandon Capital
Investments Limited

Sandon Capital Investments Limited is a listed investment company (ASX:SNC) which can be purchased on market by investors resident in Australia and New Zealand.

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